Monday, November 4, 2013

The Tiniest Visitor

Aww, isn't it sweet?
I found a baby Asian House Gecko inside, this morning.

I just had to snap a few quick shots of it before releasing it outside.

Do you get geckoes at your house?

Cheerio for now,
Sandi xXx

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Anonymous said...

Oh Sandi he is so cute,we have blue tongue lizards where we live.xx

margaret said...

unfortnately no visitors like that here in the UK, I do have trouble with silver fish though ugh! Such a tiny little gecko, so cute

Karen said...

It's lovely!! We used to get the little drop tails inside at our old house, but not in this one.
Our old golden retriever also used to collect little lizards. he would pick them up in his mouth and bring them to us a gift. Yes, they were alive and unharmed.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

awww so cute! :D

Windpfeil said...

Aww... just agree with everybody here, this gecko is simply cute...
No geckos in Germany either