Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Autumn Garden

Come with me for a walk around my garden.
We've had lots of sunny days lately, and the air has a little nip in it, as temperatures are getting cooler here in the Southern Hemisphere.
Do you like my pink begonia? It is one of the taller 'cane' varieties, and will grow to around six foot high.

This blue salvia is a favourite of mine, and also the native blue-banded bees'.
It started off as a cutting, and has grown into a huge rounded shrub. 

A mauve buddleia. It attracts lots of butterflies and other nectar loving insects.

Another one of the blue salvias. A tiny 'stingless' native bee is flying in for a visit.

A striking red and yellow flower of a bromeliad. They are related to pineapples.

On the edge of the pond, a sedge frog.....keeping very still hoping I won't notice him. There are around a dozen other little frogs quite close, but they are not sitting still......(for me to take a photo)

And lastly a beautiful 'fuscous swallowtail' butterfly, over in the tropical garden, basking in the morning sunlight.
I hope you enjoyed looking around my garden,
do come back now, I'll look forward to your visit.

Cheerio for now,
Sandi x


Naturally Carol said...

Very pretty...I really enjoyed your photo of the buddleah such a simple shape and striking colour combination.

Karen said...

Your photos are lovely! Beautiful flowers in the garden and growing so well. Stunning pics of the wildlife, too.

Plain Jane said...

What beautiful photos - I love the way that buddleia gets completely smothered with butterflies x Jane

greenthumb said...

You have some lovely plants flowering at the moment.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very pretty flowers :)

awww cute little frog

Lyn said...

Beautiful flowers, so colourful, a bit of colour always makes the day seem better, I am so glad spring is here in the Uk at last!
I love that tiny frog, such a beautiful colour!

The Violet Teapot said...

Your flowers are soo lovely! I dont have any here yet in Ireland as its spring, and a very bad one at that! I will just have to come and look at your flowers when I feel the need to see some. X

Darren Schilling said...

I really love the frog and the butterfly at the end.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Sandi...I have loved walking through your garden...it's just lovely!