Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hubby's Bunny

Helping my mother-in-law move house (she was moving into a retirement village), we came across a long lost friend.
'Rabby Bunnet'
Hubby fondly remembers having a bunny when he was little, and had assumed it was long gone.
What a wonderful surprise!
Rabby was lovingly crafted by a favourite aunt (Aunty Lucy). He was made from a piece of cream wool blanket.

With a button eye missing, an arm nearly off, a few stains, Rabby was
 looking a little worse for wear.
He is quite heavy, so after carefully undoing the arm (that was falling off), I discovered him to be stuffed with some kind of pink cotton??? clumpy looking filling.
So I decided to unstuff (is that a word?) Rabby and give him a good soak to see if I could get the stains out. It doesn't matter if they don't completely come out. And I don't really want to bring him back to 'new'. He still has to look a little .....what's the word?....aged?
The embroidered face will have to be reworked as it was a bit moth-eaten. I have gone through my old button collection to find a pair of matching eyes to stitch on.
I will do an update post when he is ready.
Do you still have any of your cherished childhood toys?
Cheerio for now,
Sandi x
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Naturally Carol said...

I have a fifty something year old
koala, that I got when I was three on my first visit to Australia. Most of it's fur has worn off but I still won't throw it away.

greenthumb said...

That was a nice thing to find.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

mom has kept a lot of stuff from my childhood, one kitty stuffed animal i have had since i was 3, the blanket i had as a kid,(really worn now). some of the stuff i have no idea why she kept it, but its great she kept the stuffed animals :)

Sarah Jane said...

Rabby Bunnet is so cute! I still have a teddy that I was given one Christmas (I think I was 5 years?). He is a great treasure to me, and holds so many fond memories.

Sarah xo

Plain Jane said...

Oh how gorgeous - well done Aunt Lucy! It does make you wonder how well our makes will stand up to the test of time x Jane

Little Busy Bee said...

A treasure that came to the right hands, you're doing such a lovely work Sandi. Unfortunately I don't have anything anymore, my mother got rid of an old suitcase I had full with dolls and other loved toys when I moved.

Ash said...

Such a lovely glad the aged bunny has re-surfaced and you are doing such a wonderful thing of giving him a second life!! :0)