Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winter Garden Walk

I couldn't resist buying these little cuphea plants at the markets last sunday.
Aren't they adorable?
I had just the right spot to plant them - beside the steps leading up to the railway carriage, they will get some dappled sunlight there. I will plant some violets under the steps too. It will look so pretty!

Over in the veggie garden, the Queen Anne's lace is growing like topsy and the first flowers are out.
Soon I'll have enough to pick and bring inside.
They will look lovely in a vintage glass vase I bought from a thrift shop recently.

Over in the tropical garden, a eucharist lily has popped up to surprise me. The flowers look like white daffodils don't you think? Their perfume is delicious!

Look what I found.....
 On the back of one of the lily petals, a little moth has found a nice place for it's daytime rest.

Today I am baking some Lime & Ginger Kisses to put in my bikkie tin - nice with a cuppa.
Also finishing off another knitted square for the 'Born to Knit' charity project. Then to post them off.
See you next time, thanks for dropping by for a visit.

Sandi x
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Sarah said...

Those are beautiful Lilies. I did think they were daffodils at first. We have had our first daffodil up and open. The smell is so nice in this long stretch of end of winter.

Destiny said...

Your pictures are amazing!!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Beautiful Sandi...and irresistible too...I like the sound of those bikkies...enjoy your cuppa....we're about to have one now!

greenthumb said...

Wow your garden is looking so nice at the moment, shut pretty flowers. I can't wait for spring to come and give some life to the garden and warm us up. Those Lime and Ginger kisses sound good.

Sally said...

Oh my. How your garden blooms! Beautiful and lush. Love white florals against the lush green folage.

... and lime and ginger biscuits? Those sound good!