Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Splayds - Remember these

Popped in to our local op-shop yesterday and found some great bargains. Still in its original box were a set of 70's ? vintage buffet forks, (Westminster brand). We have another brand of these at home, and use them all the time, so some more will come in handy. Splayds is the name of the original buffet fork and is what most people call them.

And......I also found this lovely italian glass water jug.
I'm sure it will see a lot of use this summer. I can just picture it filled with lots of ice, water and sliced limes, or perhaps some Sangria?......

Cheerio for now
Sandi x
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Shortbread Stars

It's that time of year again..........

Christmas get togethers and parties.......

Rich & buttery
 melt in your mouth......

I like to give friends some shortbread stars as a thankyou
 for their friendship throughout the year.

Packaged in cellophane bags, tied with a ribbon and miniature christmas decoration.

Of course I do have to try one or two.......(for quality control purposes....  :)
mmmm...... I may have to bake more.

Sandi x
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Cute Coin Purse


I saw this kit to make a Japanese Coin Purse at the Indigo Niche stand, at the recent Quilt & Craft Expo.  (Southbank, Brisbane.)
It was so easy to make.
 I will definitely make more of these, I just have to order the special clasp set.

It has a magnetic closure and a slide clasp.
Just a bit different.

I sent the purse to my sister for her birthday.
I hope she likes it....

Sandi x
***Edit*** These clasps are really hard to find.....luckily I saw some at a recent quilt fair.
Available from:
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