Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Meet the latest additions to our household, a trio of Rhode Island Red chooks,
Ginger, Marmalade and Lacey.

Quite recently I had arrived home one afternoon to find Cricket (border collie pup) and four of the  neighbors chooks in our front yard...........(unharmed and quite happily pecking around).
Other days, when I couldn't find Cricket at home, she would be next door (another neighbor) watching their chooks. 
......So now she has her own chooks to look after (and it gives her something to do when we are not home). 

She is doing a very good job.

Sandi x
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Sandrine said...

Clever you!!!!!A busy cricket is a happy Roo family :) Love the pic were she is watching them lol xx

Nic said...

That's so sweet! Your sheep dog now has a flock to look after. Even if they're not quit sheep. Msybe she'll help keep them safe from the snakes

Jennifer Rose said...

awww :D Sky finally figured out one of the neighbours up the street has a chicken, she was fascinated by it lol it...was not fascinated tho :p

Janice said...

I'm sure cricket is very happy now she has her own flock to mind. We knew a border collie who just loved hanging out with their chooks. It gives them purpose in life.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful dog and lovely chickens too!