Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catching up

Gee it's been ages since I last posted......

I had a health scare earlier in May, which really gave me a bit of a shock. After tests (mammogram and ultrasound) it turned out to be something quite common.  (and easily treated that day).It was such a relief!

And now on a lighter note, here are some photos taken just after easter. Mr Roo and I took a little time out and went for a few days away down south to Tenterfield and then on to Byron Bay. On the way down we called in to Suttons Farm.near Stanthorpe. I had read on another blog that you can pick your own apples (which appealed enormously to Mr Roo as he had always wanted to pick apples straight from the tree), AND they have a cafe. I had seen on said blog, photos of gi-normous apple pies made by the lady of the farm, and thought that I would just have to sample a slice for myself.......

Why are the best apples way down the bottom of the orchard?
 These ones were 'Pink Lady' apples.

Here 'tis. A big slice of the famous 'Suttons farm' apple pie.
It came with cinamon and cider icecream - it was absolutely delicious!
The apples used for this pie were called 'Pink Kiss'.
 This was my lunch by the way - the slices were so big there was no way I was going to fit in anything else :)

I was quite amused by this sign in the cafe shop.....  :)  hee hee.

Cheerio for now my lovelies,
have a wonderful day,
I have something exciting to show you soon.
Sandi x
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Sheep Rustler said...

Very glad you were ok. Gosh I lust after apple pie now! And I do love the sign :)

Sarah said...

GOOD to see you!!!! I emaile dyou and did not hear.

Good to hear all worked out JUST fine : o )

covinfox said...

Hmmm~~ that cake looks tasty~~

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I used to have a button that said that ( kitten). Love it.

Jennifer Rose said...

o.0 that pie looks so good *drools*
glad to hear that the health scare was treated and dealt with quickly

Sandrine said...

Glad it all turned up ok health wise!! x
Now This apple paradise is on our visit wish list you can imagine!Maybe will leave the girls home :)Enough of two dogs!!:)

Carolyn said...

That cake looks tasty! Yum!

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KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Sandi, so glad to hear you are okay. Apple picking is so much fun. It's very popular here and we also grow Pink Lady varietals in our area.

Ann said...

Love that sign Sandi! I think we might have gone to Suttons Farm to get apples when I was a teenager - could that be possible?