Monday, March 21, 2011

Marvellous Mauve

A mauve inspired post today.
Here's a covered coathanger for a wee one. I dabbed some lavender oil onto the wooden coathanger before covering, and it smells lovely!

A mauve plectranthus, one of my favourite shrubs to grow, (and will easily strike from a cutting). This one has a visiting native 'blue banded' bee.

A mauve hydrangea. Hello Mr Mantis.

And lastly, over in the pond garden, a pickerel rush flower (with visiting honey bee).
Little green frogs love hiding amongst these rushes.
I hope you enjoyed my mauve post today.
Have a lovely monday.

Sandi x
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mandapanda said...

Love the purple everywhere Sandi!!! The blue banded bee is precious! We fished one out of the pool the other day and watched him dry himself off before flying away. Too cute! Love the mantis too! I have a pic of one I must send you! And the flowers on that coat hanger are so sweet!!

Sarah said...

Those are GREAT photos Sandi!

The mantis is unreal...

Narelle said...

Sandi, Just love the coathanger. The garden is looking great love garden photo's.

Sandrine said...

Love the work on the coathanger!Magnifique :)

Free Hosting Templates said...

Awww how i love this color! My favorite color!