Monday, March 7, 2011

Company in the Carriage

Last week, my friend, Sandrine, came to do some sewing with me. She is learning to sew a quilt. You can see it here. It turned out beautifully. Cricket (pup) was there cuddles.

Meanwhile I worked on this project.

                                      Another friend, June, had given me some bags of fabric samples. Thanks, June.
I decided I could make a little table runner with these colourful ones. The fabric had a circle pattern woven in the fabric. It shimmered with gold.

                           I appliqued some circles down the centre of the runner. There was also gold in this fabric  too. It was shining in the afternoon sun.

We had a lovely day sewing......chatting ......cups of tea.....
Sandi x
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Sandrine said...

We had a great day I agree, even Cricket would agree!:)
Thanks again for letting me use your quilting machine it allowed me to finish it Hoooray!!!

Janice said...

What a fun time you must have had. I can't believe that you wer productive as well.

azuliverde.21 said...

I like your blog... and love your Cricket!! ♥