Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Blog

In addition to this blog, I have started another one So I will have two blogs...... The new one will feature native wildlife! - another passion of mine. Have you noticed how much wildlife has appeared on this blog? I was getting worried that it was starting to take over from the sewing side of things. So now the critters will appear on the other blog. I was worried too, that some of the more 'fearsome' creatures might frighten off a few of my fellow sewing bloggers....?
Anyway, if you would like to pop over for a look, here is the link. Oh, and what is it called? I hear you ask......well.......Poke it With a Stick   :)   of course!

Sandi x

Monday, March 21, 2011

Marvellous Mauve

A mauve inspired post today.
Here's a covered coathanger for a wee one. I dabbed some lavender oil onto the wooden coathanger before covering, and it smells lovely!

A mauve plectranthus, one of my favourite shrubs to grow, (and will easily strike from a cutting). This one has a visiting native 'blue banded' bee.

A mauve hydrangea. Hello Mr Mantis.

And lastly, over in the pond garden, a pickerel rush flower (with visiting honey bee).
Little green frogs love hiding amongst these rushes.
I hope you enjoyed my mauve post today.
Have a lovely monday.

Sandi x
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Cricket, now smile for the camera...... (what a funny look you are giving me)

No!  Don't lick the flower! (puppies are so easily distracted)

(the flower is called 'cat's whiskers)
She is a bit muddy and slobbered upon, as she had been playing with next door's golden retreiver.

Sandi x
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Something in Common

Some pretty butterfly photos for you today.
 These are all 'common' butterflies. The first one is a 'Common Jezabel', photographed feeding on a red bottlebrush shrub in the Cania National Park.

This one too is a 'Common Jezabel' on a tropical spider lily in my garden.

And lastly a 'Common Aeroplane' butterfly.
Named because of the way it holds it's wings flat when in flight.

We have so lucky to have lots of butterflies visiting our garden. I do have more photos ..... and will post some from time to time.
Do you have butterflies in your garden?

Cheerio for now,
Sandi x
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Company in the Carriage

Last week, my friend, Sandrine, came to do some sewing with me. She is learning to sew a quilt. You can see it here. It turned out beautifully. Cricket (pup) was there cuddles.

Meanwhile I worked on this project.

                                      Another friend, June, had given me some bags of fabric samples. Thanks, June.
I decided I could make a little table runner with these colourful ones. The fabric had a circle pattern woven in the fabric. It shimmered with gold.

                           I appliqued some circles down the centre of the runner. There was also gold in this fabric  too. It was shining in the afternoon sun.

We had a lovely day sewing......chatting ......cups of tea.....
Sandi x
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Friday, March 4, 2011

Blue pretties....

A few of my little treasures.....
in a blue theme today.
The vintage bluebird is a lucky op-shop find.
I love these old fifties? buttons, I collect them to use in projects.
Do you collect buttons too?

Part of Mr Bowerbird's collection of blue objects......
His bower is tucked away in the corner of our garden.

One of my designs.....

Don't you love this shade of blue?
reminiscent of the beach....

Have a lovely friday everyone.
Cool and foggy here today
perfect for stitching!

Sandi x
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