Friday, November 26, 2010

Quilt Rescue

I came across this little quilt at the local op-shop on wednesday. It was in with the pet blankets???!!!
I wondered why it had been put there.

Oh dear, there were some black marks (paint or tar?) and some purple paint on another section.
Nevertheless, I bought it anyway.
Once home, I thought 'what are my chances at getting those marks out?'

I was advised to use methylated spirits or mineral turpentine for removal of paint.
I tried methylated spirits on a cotton bud, just dabbing away,
the marks were coming out.
It went a little smudgy, but it was mostly out.
Next, I rubbed on my favourite stain remover - 'Sard Wonder Soap'.
Guess what?
The paint marks vanished!

All of the appliqued bears have been hand done. Just look at those adorable tiny buttons. A lot of work (and love) has gone into the making of this little quilt.

You can see in the picture above that there is no sign of the black paint on the yellow gingham square.

(My winter heater has now become a summer quilt stand.)
I will keep it now for when little ones (grandchildren?) come along. I expect that will happen in the next five years or so. No rush :)

Sandi x


mandapanda said...

Oh wow Sandi, what a find!!!!! I'm so glad you could get the marks out, it looks fantastic all dry and hung over the heater! I'm a little jealous! All I ever find in the pet blankets are old worn out hospital bed covers. You know the ones...

Sandrine said...

This little quilt must feel so happy You found it and recued it!!
What a great happy ending story :)It is just gorgeous! x

Ulla said...

Well done! I like dogs but a beautiful quilt like this would be wasted as their bed. So good you even got the stain out.

willywagtail said...

That is terrific and now you have a beautiful little quilt. It always saddens me (but not my pocket!) when I see the disrespect that op shops show for hand worked pieces. Perhaps these people shop in the reject shops or they are so used to getting things cheaply that they have no idea of the value of some of these pieces. Well done on your rescue work. Cherrie

Sarah said...

what a find!

Lynne said...

What a find! Those bears are delightful. Well done for rescuing it.
That's a lovely photo of you on the previous post.

Mad about Craft said...

What a beautiful quilt! Some people don't know a treasure when they see it!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow...what a find Sandi...and good job you got the stains out!!! It looks lovely on your heater, you've given me an idea now!!!

Suzie said...

You did a good job rescuing this lovely quilt!