Monday, November 22, 2010

Pottering around.....

Let's go over to the pond..........

My fragrant waterlillies are starting to bloom.
 This lovely lilac one has a little visitor, can you see it?
 It is a hover fly. 

A sedge frog keeping watch.
There are a few frogs in the pond today. This little chap seemed to like having his photo taken.
They chirp when the rain is on its way.

A Cape York lily - a spectacular member of the ginger family. It is related to tumeric (the spice).
The pink flower spike emerges first, followed by the big leaves.

Part of my 'white' garden. The agapanthus are out at the moment. I have the blue ones as well in other parts of the garden.
It is a busy time of year in the garden.
Cutting back, weeding, mulching....
 We've got thirty bales of sugar cane mulch coming this week. We get it delivered straight from the farmer.
Cheerio for now,
Back to the garden.......

Sandi x

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Sandrine said...

love your garden Sandi and how much you know about them all!
These little green frogs are NOT camera shy! x

Dedo de moça patchwork said...

Seu jardim é maravilhoso, adoraria ter um igual, Parabéns!


Sarah said...

Argh you make me jelous with all your beauty JUST outside your door!