Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pink Post

I made these little cupcakes over the weekend, as we often have friends drop by, and I like to have some sweet treats to have with coffee.
Son, David, took the remainder with him to work on monday. Can you imagine four blokes sitting down to eat these (pretty) cakes with heart sprinkles on top?  :)

A hot pink ruellia flower.
(Ruellia macrantha, from Brazil)
Once picked, they will happily sit in a bowl for a few days - without water!
I put them in the soap dish in the bathroom - they look quite tropical.

Pink Galahs!
Chatting around the birdbath.......
A common visitor to our garden.

A honeybee sipping nectar from a pink(ish) salvia.
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Janice said...

A lovely lot of pink. I don't think blokes care what colour cupcakes are, as long as they taste good and your sure look yummy.

Suzie said...

Lovely photos and the cup cakes look delicious! But of course, the little bee is my darling one!