Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Make a Teapot Mat

Here is a great project to make with french knitting
 - a teapot mat.
(See this earlier post on french knitting.)
Use wool for this project, as it is going to be felted.
Make a length of french knitting. Coil it into a circle. You may have to try this a few times till you get the desired size. Mine is approx 6 1/2 inches across.
Take a needle and length of wool, and starting from one end, curl the french knitting into a circle and continue to stitch the coils together till you get to the end. Hide the tail end of the wool in the mat. 

The next step is to felt the wool.
In a basin of hot soapy water, gently rub the mat till it felts up. Rinse. Give it a quick spin. Then dry the mat, keeping it flat. I gave it a day to dry.
You can see by the picture that your mat is looking a bit different now, the colours have blended together a little, and it has flattened out.
Now to add on the felt base.
Place the mat on piece of coordinating felt and cut around it.
Place some safety pins in to keep it all together.

Stitch the felt base on. I used six strands of embroidery cotton.
I also stitched in the centre between the coils to secure the felt.

Project finished! A nice cosy mat to put your teapot on.
I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial. Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see it.

Happy stitching,
Sandi x

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Sandrine said...

Voila!!Beauuuuutiful Madame :)x

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Gorgeous colour combo Sandi! This project has so many applications - I really like the addition of the felt base.

Lynne said...

Gosh, how good is that!

Linda said...

I have one of the Knitting Nancy things and I'm going to make do this. My sister has been wanting some hotpads and trivets and this might just be the thing! Thanks for sharing!

crazyhaberdasher said...

Hi! one of our members from Yahoo Spoolknitter drew our attention to your french knitting post. Lovely hotpad. Another variation you might try is to add rows of chain stitches or back stitches coming out from the centre of the mat (sort of like orange segments!). I am the moderator for the Yahoo group and I also moderator the Flick Spool Knitter group as well as have a blog - - where I post anything to do with spool knitting. Maybe we will see you there! cheers, Maz (a fellow Aussie)

Sarah said...

The boys were asking me what they could do with their knitting - I will show them this.

Ana Lopes said...

Super cute project! Love it too!Thanks for sharing.
Have a fabulous week!
Hugs from Portugal,

Ana Love Craft

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great idea for French Knitting!

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