Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Remember These?

I recently bought this 'Knitting Nancy' at our local op-shop. It makes a circular cord of knitting. (French knitting)
I had a knitting nancy as a small girl; Dad made me one from a wooden cotton spool with four nails in the top. Mine wasn't as fancy as this one!  :)
I might make a coaster or pot stand by coiling the cord and stitching it together, and have felt on the base. Did you have one of these? And what did you make?
Happy stitching!
Sandi x
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Janice said...

Like you, I had the cotton reel with four nails on the top. I made a round potholder with variegated green wool and won a prize with it in the local show. I still have it, never used. They were great fun. Enjoy using yours.

Sandrine said...

Reminding me to get Elsa onto it!
I can see an escargot coming :)That IF I can get it right:)x

CurlyPops said...

I still have mine from when I was a kiddie - I have no idea how I didn't lose it amongst all the times that i moved house!

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Brings back so many memories! We used a wooden spool with four nails on top. My sisters and I worked on a really long piece which was turned into a leash for one of our puppy softies.

Ulla said...

I had one as well, it was a nice painted one with four round-edged staples. I think my cords were used to hold dolls' clothes in place.

Susie said...

Mine was a cotton reel too. i used to plait 3 lengths and make them into hairbands, had tons of them!!

Lyn said...

I did have one when I was little and I recently bought a new one but have not used it yet. not sure what i will do with it.

Suzie said...

I've seen them, but I've never used one before. It looks like a lot of fun. I'm curious about what you're going to show us next time!

sheilasanderson said...

Here in Scotland it was wooden bobbin with nails on top..after all grew up in Paisley so plenty bobbins around

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

seems they are universal, grew up part of childhood in Nebraska, rest in Missouri, all the girls had empty wooden thread spools with 4 finishing nails pounded into top in both states. most I just made long long tails then unraveled them or sewed round and round them into hot pads.

Valéria said...

The things you make are so, so, so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.

Lynne said...

Yes I remember those. I would have bought one recently, but I thought it was too much money, knowing that you can make them so easily. I can't remember making anything with mine except a long long strip!