Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Remember These?

I recently bought this 'Knitting Nancy' at our local op-shop. It makes a circular cord of knitting. (French knitting)
I had a knitting nancy as a small girl; Dad made me one from a wooden cotton spool with four nails in the top. Mine wasn't as fancy as this one!  :)
I might make a coaster or pot stand by coiling the cord and stitching it together, and have felt on the base. Did you have one of these? And what did you make?
Happy stitching!
Sandi x
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Having a Ball

Do you remember the felt balls I made? (see previous post) I have been having a play.
And this is what I made. A decoration for a keychain perhaps?
The hardest part was threading them on the string - a sturdy mattress needle does the trick.
I think next time, after making the hole, that I would embroider them first, before threading.

You could have fun making a whole necklace with embroidered felt balls......
Happy sewing,
Sandi x
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