Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun with Felt

I had a fun day this week making these felt balls with Sandrine. It was hard to make them all the same size, so there are some big ones, some little ones and some in-between.

What's blooming in my garden now? It is nearly springtime here.

This one is a viburnum. It is a great filler in bouquets, with it's frothy white and pink flowers and dark green foliage.

Jasmine - she is very fragrant. And is a mad rampant vine that tries to climb up everything. (and all through a nearby hedge too!)

Cream freesias. They are my only 'spring bulb' that will grow successfully here in sub-tropical Queensland. A wonderful perfume too. I look forward to them popping up along the hedge every year.

I must go now, as I have some cake baking to do.
Tomorrow will be exciting - we are taking the MIL whalewatching out from Mooloolaba.
Cheerio for now,
Sandi x
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Daffodil Day

Today is Daffodil Day here in Australia,
 it's a day for us all to give hope for a brighter cancer-free future for ourselves, and for those we love.
Established as an Australia-wide event in 1992, Daffodil Day has become the largest fundraising event of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Cancer Council now raises around eight million dollars each Daffodil Day, providing vital funds for research, education and support services.
take care,
Sandi x
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Latest Project

Do you like my latest project for Creating Country Threads magazine? It is a needlebook to hold packets of needles and sewing essentials. The design features two whimsical birds stitched in red, and a lovely verse reading, 'Thread your day with smiles and laughter'.

And this is the inside of the needlebook..... Ta dah!!

Out now in the lastest issue of 'Creating Country Threads' Stitchery Edition, Volume 11, Number 1.
Happy Stitching everyone!
Sandi x
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Snowball Block progress

Hi everyone, quite rainy and foggy here today - a great day for sewing.
 I have been making a few more red and white blocks for the snowball quilt. Karen, from Sew Many Ways, is hosting a 'Snowball Night'- where you pick a time each week to make a few blocks.
 Don't you love the 'beater' fabric I found?  I am still collecting more red and white fabric for this project.
With the snowball block, you get little triangle off-cuts from the corners, that you can use to make little pinwheel blocks for another project. Aren't they the cutest?
Happy stitching,
Sandi x
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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Ekka

We decided to go to the Brisbane 'Ekka' (Exhibition) Show this year, as we haven't been in years.
We went by car most of the way. Then rode the train in to the showgrounds. 
I had to have look at all of the wonderful decorated cakes, cooking and sewing entries. This dragon cake was fantastic!

Imagine finding this frog in your garden!
Here was a wonderful display of bromeliad plants, I have a few different ones in my garden.  

Lots of colourful, noisy, (and some fast) rides.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of these bobbing ducks in sideshow alley.
We had a lovely time at the show. Our feet were very tired by the time we got home.
Cheerio for now,
Sandi x
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Christmas Sewing

Making a start on some christmas projects.
 This redwork stitchery didn't take very long to do.
 The pattern is by Julie Lembit, called 'Little Lovebirds'.  I just happened to have the right sized frame put away in my cupboard to finish it off.
Happy Stitching,
Sandi .

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Friday, August 6, 2010

A New Use

A new use for a barbeque cutlery holder. There are compartments for various cutlery or bottles of sauce, and serviettes (on the sides). It didn't get used much, and was gathering dust.
A quick dust-off and a rub with some lavender beeswax polish, and.......

Out to the studio to become a handy caddy for my sewing things. Now everything has a place and is easy to find.
I love that I could re-purpose the cutlery holder. And now it will be used.
Happy Stitching,
Sandi x
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