Monday, July 19, 2010

Web Cam

A misty morning greeted us today.
The spider's webs were capturing the moisture.
and lighting up in the sunshine.

 The webs look like they are made with tiny crystal beads.

Clever spiders!

Sandi x
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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Oh my Sandi...those webshots are gorgeous ...

Nature is amazing if you just take the time to look isnt it?

Sandrine said...

They are really great shots!!I prefers them on your screen than in my hair as I walk blindly into one the other day :)xx

Linda said...

Oh, Sandi, those pictures are lovely. I so enjoy seeing what you find on your walks. Thanks for sharing, you brightened my day.

Lyn said...

Sandi, what great photos of the web, they are beautiful to look at aren't they?

Joy said...

Sandi I just LOVE your pupper!!! He's such a cute guy ;o).
Those are fabulous pics too!!
Joy :o)

Janice said...

Isn't nature wonderful. Lovely photos.

Lynne said...

These spider's webs seem so removed from the hot weather we are having. So pretty too.
Thanks for your comments.

Stina said...

What a perfect masterpiece... love your photo.. its fantastic..:o)) Hope you have lots of winterprojects up your sleeve to start on.. See you and hugs

Sarah said...

Wow those photo are brilliant!

Looked like a lovely day for your Grandma and family : o )