Monday, July 19, 2010

Web Cam

A misty morning greeted us today.
The spider's webs were capturing the moisture.
and lighting up in the sunshine.

 The webs look like they are made with tiny crystal beads.

Clever spiders!

Sandi x
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Birthday Gift

I made this fabric basket for a very special lady - my grandmother! She has come up from Sydney to visit with family.

It was Mardie's (grandmother) 92nd birthday on Friday, so I took her out for a special birthday lunch at Flaxton Gardens. It is a very pretty drive along the Blackall Range to Flaxton, and down to the coast (where she is staying at my parent's house).

A photo with some of the great-grandchildren on Sunday.
(Our son is the one in the khaki and black striped top, in the left-hand side of the photo). The children helped her blow out the candles.
Mardie enjoyed her party very much!
Sandi x
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ad seen in our local paper.
My dog could apply for that job!

Sandi x
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Winter Crafting

Hi everyone, (waving), I'm still here.
 I haven't blogged for a little while, so I am just catching up. Went to the Textile Expo at the Southbank Convention Centre in Brisbane, last month with  friends, Sandrine and Laetitia. We had a great day there looking at all the different stalls. We were still there at closing time, and the security guys were reminding us it was time to go. I bought a few bits and pieces there, a bundle of hand-dyed woven felt in lovely chocolates, creams, latte and red; a couple of fat quarters of fabric; some interesting yarn; blades for my rotary cutter and some fabric glue.

Clickety-click go the knitting needles..........
This is what I am making with the yarn
- a scarf.
 The yarn comes from Japan and is sold by a Melbourne based company called Dairing. To make this scarf, you knit two yarns together in garter stitch, forty stitches across, and knit till the yarn runs out, easy-peasy! The cream yarn is made of 100% cotton, and the brown  is silk 69% with a stainless steel core 31%, so you can crinkle and scrunch it, and it will stay like that. It feels nice and soft......interesting and a bit different. I will have to show it to you when it is finished.
Happy Crafting,
Sandi x
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