Friday, June 4, 2010

Cania Gorge Weekend

Last weekend, we went camping with friends at Cania Gorge,(Queensland). It is about four and a half hours from home.
We did lots of bushwalking. The first photo is a rock formation we walked to called 'Big Foot'.. obviously... the brochure says 'it features a mysterious large brown image of a four-toed foot on the white sandstone cliff.'

Trailing vines hanging over the sandstone cliffs... we also saw many ferns and orchids growing up high.

We had a snack break here in the shady gorge.
 Treeferns (next photo) and rainforest plants growing along the waterline.
A lovely break away. The weather was kind to us (there was rain at home) we only had a little rain one time overnight. At the campground we had a campfire to sit around at night time. It did get quite chilly late afternoon and in the morning. It was nice to warm your hands around a lovely hot cup of coffee.
I took some handstitching with me to do, but not a lot got done.....
Sandi x
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mandapanda said...

Sandy, it looks wonderful! all that rain a few months back must have done some good! was it very cold? I'm really starting to feel the chill here in Rocky! My pincushion arrived! Along with those yummy little robins eggs! Thsnkyou so so much, I love it! I will be sure to post your owls at the firt opportunity i get. I haven't left the house ll week, because of the babies I've had here. lol Rest assured I have them ready to send!

Sandrine said...

Wow these photos are amazing!Sound like a Great weekend ...Humm maybe we should try and set up the tent in the garden?:)

KJ said...

Sandi, wonderful photos and sounds like a wonderful time, but no creatures?

Suzie said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos, it is always a pleasure to see them.

Lynn said...

So beautiful -