Monday, June 7, 2010

Cania Gorge part two

Four more photos from the camping weekend at Cania Gorge. The nectar-rich callistemon (bottlebrush) shrub next to where we were camped, attracted many different butterflies and birds.
A beautiful 'Common Jezebel' butterfly, came for a sip. Their caterpillars feed on mistletoes.

A little red ant......I wonder where it is going?

An unusual butterfly that looks like a leaf, when sitting still on the forest floor.

And lastly, a pair of curious looking fungi. I like their orange netted 'skirts'.
Looks like they are about to whistle a tune....... perhaps when there is nobody about?
Sandi x
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Jo in TAS said...

Wonderful pics!. You must really pay attention to what's around you to capture such great shots!

Sandrine said...

This is just you! Taking beautiful Nature picture.Oh amazing little fungi :)xx

Jessica said...

Great photos! It has been quite a while since I've been to Cania Gorge, might have to take the kids camping there one day!

Suzie said...

I love, love the butterfly picture!!! The funghi look so funny, they really seem to wistle!

Lynn said...

Looks like some stitching inspiration to me!

mandapanda said...

Oh wow! Wish I could get that close to a jezebal to get as good a pic! They're always way up in the trees searching out the 'toe. Don't know what the ant is called, but that brown butterfly is called an Evening Brown. Did you know they get lighter and darker depending on whether it's a wet or dry season?
I have some photos of those little toadstools, but thir skirts where white, and not nearly as lacy! I must search out the photos and email them to you. Speaking of which, I haven't gotten around to posting your owls yet, sorry! Hopefully tomorrow. I have a new little baby staying with us. She's a King Charles Cavalier X terrier. Soooo small, and so cute! Puppies are so much more work than kittens! They're more like actual babies. Hope Dash is doing well! Hugs to her and you!

Lynne said...

Gosh, lots of wildlife going on here! I love your scented satchet, and as for those macaroons, mmmm...

Janice said...

What wonderful things you find on your travels. It is amazing how diverse our country is. I didn't know any of your creatures and little lacy toadstool existed.