Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter Garden

We have had some brilliant winter weather lately, with crisp, cool days and clear nights. Today has been rather colder and the skies are grey. We had our usual winter load of wood delivered yesterday, just in time too. Nothing better to sit by a warm, toasty fire when it is cold outside.
The top photo is of a pair of Tawny Frogmouths perching in a liquidamber tree (next to our house). They are a night bird, like owls.

The lovely winter foliage on our Nashi Pear tree,  I am enjoying the reds, yellows and orange colours, the leaves will be gone soon........We do get fruit on this tree, but those cheeky parrots usually beat us to them.

A golden yellow Abutilon flower, or 'chinese lantern', glowing in the morning sun.

I love the berries on this Ardisia, slowly they are all turning red.

Well my dears, time to light the fire and cook a family dinner.
Cheerio for now, do drop by later, I'll put the kettle on.
Sandi x
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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Isn't blogging so much fun? I recently did two swaps with two of my dear blogger friends, for one of my strawberry pincushions. The top photo is the swap received from Sarah from 'If Only I Had Chocolate' blog (in Tasmania). Sarah made some fabulous pushpins and magnets for her market stall. I was admiring them, and asked if she'd like to do a swap. She also added a bundle of assorted red ribbons. I do love red!  Lovely!
We caught up recently, when she was here in Queensland. We had a morning shopping at the bustling Eumundi Markets.

The next swap is from Amanda of  the 'Krafty Panda' blog (Queensland). Amanda made these gorgeous owl pin toppers, don't you just love them.....each one is different. They are made from polymer clay. Amanda has a tutorial on how to make the cutest little mushroom pin toppers - do have a look.

I am one happy girl.....
Sandi x

P.S. If anyone would like to do a swap for a strawberry pincushion (see sidebar for photo), let me know......
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snowball Projects

Karen over at Sew Many Ways, is hosting a snowball block sewing night. I thought I'd join in too (won't you join us?). Amongst my stash is a collection of sixteen charm squares (given to me) in mauve and pastel green - not really my colours, but pretty. I thought I would make a snowball cushion for my MIL's birthday, to try out the block.

Here it is finished.......ta-dah!

The cushion is quite a big one. It is sitting on one of the old painted wooden chairs that came with the railway carriage - another project to do. It will get sanded back and repainted (one day....lol!)

Hee hee, a little green sedge frog next to the sliding door latch on my studio. Can you see in the window? Some more snowball blocks on the go........
Sandi xx
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cania Gorge part two

Four more photos from the camping weekend at Cania Gorge. The nectar-rich callistemon (bottlebrush) shrub next to where we were camped, attracted many different butterflies and birds.
A beautiful 'Common Jezebel' butterfly, came for a sip. Their caterpillars feed on mistletoes.

A little red ant......I wonder where it is going?

An unusual butterfly that looks like a leaf, when sitting still on the forest floor.

And lastly, a pair of curious looking fungi. I like their orange netted 'skirts'.
Looks like they are about to whistle a tune....... perhaps when there is nobody about?
Sandi x
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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cania Gorge Weekend

Last weekend, we went camping with friends at Cania Gorge,(Queensland). It is about four and a half hours from home.
We did lots of bushwalking. The first photo is a rock formation we walked to called 'Big Foot'.. obviously... the brochure says 'it features a mysterious large brown image of a four-toed foot on the white sandstone cliff.'

Trailing vines hanging over the sandstone cliffs... we also saw many ferns and orchids growing up high.

We had a snack break here in the shady gorge.
 Treeferns (next photo) and rainforest plants growing along the waterline.
A lovely break away. The weather was kind to us (there was rain at home) we only had a little rain one time overnight. At the campground we had a campfire to sit around at night time. It did get quite chilly late afternoon and in the morning. It was nice to warm your hands around a lovely hot cup of coffee.
I took some handstitching with me to do, but not a lot got done.....
Sandi x
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