Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Helping Hand

On sunday, I found an injured native Bar Shouldered Dove in our garden.
It couldn't balance very well. I didn't find any obvious injuries. Poor little thing.
So the dove spent the night in a small basket by the fireside. It was drinking sips of water, so that was a good sign. The next day, I took it in to the vets. The dove overnighted there in good hands. I rang them the next day to see how the dove was doing. They said it had improved slightly and a carer was going to take it to the nearby Australia Zoo's hospital for recovery.

So I hope to see the little dove again. If all goes well, it will be released back here, to be reunited with all it's little mates. I often see a gang of them in our leafy driveway.
Sandi x
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mandapanda said...

Hey Sandi, I got your email about this sweet little dove! I just haven't had time to reply. I was going to say to blog about it, so I'm glad you did! Thankyou for your concern, I'm doing alright but am missing Jake. As you know, border collies have such large personalities and are into everything that you are doing, that when they're not there any more there's a hole of some sort.
Hugs to Dash tonight, she is a beautiful dog!
I'm hoping to be able to fpster a bc or german shepherd or something soon, so Sasha, our other dog, won't be so lonely. We'll see.

Joy said...

Oh Sandi, what a kind-heart you are :o). I do hope your little feathered friend continues to do well :o).
Joy :o)

Linda said...

Oh, how sweet. I hope it does ok. We have a bird feeder and it has wires on the end for the stuff that they can sharpen their beeks on. Sorry, I don't remember what it's called. I looked out one day and there was a little bird caught up in the wiring. My husband and I went and got the scared little bird out. It was ok, just scared and it's feathers had gotten caught in the wires. We took those off the bird feeders so nothing else could get hurt. I so enjoy the birds. I throw out bread and put feed out too. We have doves, mockingbirds,hawks, cranes and all kinds of birds. Let us know how the dove does...hugs, Linda