Thursday, April 22, 2010

Looks like a Leaf

 An unusual olive green rainforest moth. It looks a bit like a rolled up leaf don't you think?
The moth was very patient with me and just sat on my finger while I took it's photo.

It even has green eyes.
.........and has a rather comical face, cute! 

Can you see the green katydid?
(run for cover! quick hide! Sandi's coming with her camera!  :)

Here is the katydid again, I moved it over to another coleus plant so you could see it better.
Katydids are more closely related to crickets than grasshoppers. I sometimes find them eating my mint leaves.
 Living near rainforest, we find lots of interesting wildlife in the garden. I enjoy sharing the photos with you.

Well my dears, I must get myself organised as DH and I are heading down to Brisbane to a 'Black Tie' dinner tonight. A very swanky affair by the sounds of the invitation. We will be going here: Cloudland.
Cheerio for now,
Sandi x
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Christy said...

Amazing!!! So lucky of you to be surrounded by such unique, unusual works of nature.

Thank you for posting my sponsor giveaway in your sidebar too.Really appreciate it. xx

Jo in TAS said...

I thought Cloudland was demolished a long time ago?
That's one weird looking moth, great disguise

Jo in TAS said...

PS Have a fabulous time getting dolled up for dinner!

Simple Southern Happiness said...

I am shocked, it does look like a leaf. God sure does create some amazing creatures.

Lyn said...

Much more interesting than our native wildlife-not sure I could handle some of the more scary looking things you have over there though!

Guðrún said...

I don´t understand how you can touch those creatures.

Suzie said...

Thanks for always sharing these awesome photos with us! Amazing creatures!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow it does look like a leaf...I have never heard of a katydid!!!

Mr. Spoqui said...


Magda said...

Great photos and nice bugs:)

мамаДаника said...

Удивительная у вас природа!