Thursday, April 22, 2010

Looks like a Leaf

 An unusual olive green rainforest moth. It looks a bit like a rolled up leaf don't you think?
The moth was very patient with me and just sat on my finger while I took it's photo.

It even has green eyes.
.........and has a rather comical face, cute! 

Can you see the green katydid?
(run for cover! quick hide! Sandi's coming with her camera!  :)

Here is the katydid again, I moved it over to another coleus plant so you could see it better.
Katydids are more closely related to crickets than grasshoppers. I sometimes find them eating my mint leaves.
 Living near rainforest, we find lots of interesting wildlife in the garden. I enjoy sharing the photos with you.

Well my dears, I must get myself organised as DH and I are heading down to Brisbane to a 'Black Tie' dinner tonight. A very swanky affair by the sounds of the invitation. We will be going here: Cloudland.
Cheerio for now,
Sandi x
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Birds, bees 'n woolly things

A line up   :)
Our ducks often sit here on the back lawn in the afternoons, and have a little snooze. They wait for me, because they know it will be dinner time soon.

Now let me show you something in the garden,


A native 'teddy bear' bee, sipping nectar from a coleus flower,

........and a 'blue banded' native bee. These bees are a bit bigger and fatter than honey bees. It is difficult to take a good photo of them, as they are so busy!
And the last photo, is of some goodies brought back from our little easter holiday.

DH bought me this lovely soft throw blanket for an easter present. It is so snuggly and warm.
At a market in Stanthorpe, I bought a knitted tea cosy (does my teapot look a bit like a tomato now?  :)
and a cute little knitted bear. From a shop in Tenterfield, I bought the colourful necklace made with felt balls. It is made by Tibeten ladies from Australian merino wool.

Sandi x
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Trip (part two)

Beautiful scented roses in the gardens of the 'Bramble Patch'.

Seen whilst out walking.........

Sign at the Wallangarra Pub, just had to take a photo.

A field of wonderful pink and white cosmos flowers, Stanthorpe, and it's for sale too!
Hope you enjoyed the photos,
Sandi x
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Easter Trip

Just a few quick snapshots of our easter weekend away. We just had to stop at this cute little craft shop at Wallangarra, just near the border between New South Wales and Queensland.

An orchard butterfly in the gardens of the 'Jamworks' at Glen Aplin. Bought some lovely berry jam and some of my favourite - fig and ginger jam, there.

The famous 'Bramble Patch' shop at Glen Aplin where you can buy 'everything berry',

....including luscious berry icecreams.....
Sandi x
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sewing

Happy easter everyone!
 This post is a little late as we had a short break away from home, more about that soon.
 I thought I'd show you some recent sewing. These cute carrots I made following Clare's tutorial (thanks Clare), and are super easy to make.

The old scales made a perfect place to display the carrots.

And I finished making a big, soft cushion featuring whirligig blocks.

The fabric around the edge of the cushion is called 'make life..... ' I bought it from Ann's shop, Quiltopia.
I hope you had a lovely easter time,
Hoppy Stitching,
Sandi x
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