Monday, March 8, 2010

My Quiltgroup

I thought I'd show you a few photos from my quiltgroup today. We meet at the Arts & Crafts building at our local showgrounds. Our group has over 50 members now.
*notice that no-one parks under the bunya nut trees at this time of the year - bunya nuts are a big native pine tree with huge pine cones (bigger than a football) and if it lands on your car, it will leave a huge dent.

Show and tell. A beautiful quilt! Look at all that work.

A butterfly quilt in pretty pastels. Made by Judy (on right).

This quilt made by Pam (on right) is to take camping.
Our group are organising our first quilt show in september this year. Exciting!
I didn't get any actual sewing done there today, as it was my turn, with a partner, to do the morning teas.
Sandi x
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Lynne said...

One of my favourite things when I went along to a workshop or group was the show and tell, seeing what everyone else had made was a delight. Those quilts are gorgeous. Interesting about the bunya tree.

Missie Krissie said...

Yikes, there has been some serious work gone into those! I can only make small ones, otherwise my patients runs out! lol I want to see yours in the next show and tell!

Guðrún said...

That first quilt is awesome.