Friday, March 26, 2010

A Frog Theme

A frog theme today. Do you like my frog purse? It is made from Japanese kimono fabric (I bought it at a gallery in Noosa). Inside, the lining fabric has frogs on it. The mouth is a red!

During the recent wet weather, I have been hanging the doormat (over at the studio) on the railing to dry out.
I had a surprise when I lifted it up! What could be under it?.......

Could it be..............

You guessed it!


 A 'collection' of 'bleating tree frogs'.  Sometimes they are in my milkcan letterbox too! .... lol!  They have a  'bleating' call, which can be quite loud for such a small frog. Funny little things.  Here is a link to the Frogs Australia website for more info. You can even listen to their call.  (Thanks, Jo)

You can see the pads on his feet, to help him climb. Cute!
He and his mates will have to move off, so I can put my doormat back. I'm sure there are lots of hiding places under the deck!
I hope you don't mind me showing you some wildlife photos. I seem to have lots on my 'sewing' blog.

I have been sewing some eastery things and a patchwork cushion too! I will show you soon!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Sandi x
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CurlyPops said...

What a sweet little purse. Perfect for any little frog lover!

Jo in TAS said...

If you visit this website, you can hear the frog sound
I love frogs :-)

Janice said...

Super cute frog purse. The frogs must be just loving the wet weather lately. I'm off to listen to your frogs on Jo's link now.

Jenny said...

I love seeing your wildlife pictures. Some of the things are so different than what we have here. We lifted our porch mat yesterday and found a centipede under it. I like your frogs better!

Jennifer Rose said...

aww cute little frogs :)

that frog purse is really neat, great idea having the mouth be a zipper

mandapanda said...

And of course you're working on your new frog quilt!!! lol
I love frogs too! Did you know that you can buy them and have them as pets? Of course, I could just grab one from out of our "frog factory" which is a pile of left over bricks from our house sitting out near the water tank, where you can find up to 20 frogs in, no matter what the time of uyear! Of course, they're green tree frogs, or barking marsh frogs. Not your little cuties!

Lynne said...

Hi Sandi,
I think it's nice that you show us some of the wildlife of Australia. I'm quite ignorant of it. So you are improving my knowledge no end.
I like the frog purse too.
Mike is a lover of frogs. So we have quite a few frog ornaments around the house. Apparently it's a Capricorn thing. Are you a Capricorn?
Enjoy your weekend.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the foggy purse - very clever:) The kimono fabric is so pretty.

Guðrún said...

They are so small!

Suzie said...

Your frog purse is so cute! I'm looking foward to seeing your eastery things and cushion! Have a lovely week!