Friday, March 26, 2010

A Frog Theme

A frog theme today. Do you like my frog purse? It is made from Japanese kimono fabric (I bought it at a gallery in Noosa). Inside, the lining fabric has frogs on it. The mouth is a red!

During the recent wet weather, I have been hanging the doormat (over at the studio) on the railing to dry out.
I had a surprise when I lifted it up! What could be under it?.......

Could it be..............

You guessed it!


 A 'collection' of 'bleating tree frogs'.  Sometimes they are in my milkcan letterbox too! .... lol!  They have a  'bleating' call, which can be quite loud for such a small frog. Funny little things.  Here is a link to the Frogs Australia website for more info. You can even listen to their call.  (Thanks, Jo)

You can see the pads on his feet, to help him climb. Cute!
He and his mates will have to move off, so I can put my doormat back. I'm sure there are lots of hiding places under the deck!
I hope you don't mind me showing you some wildlife photos. I seem to have lots on my 'sewing' blog.

I have been sewing some eastery things and a patchwork cushion too! I will show you soon!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Sandi x
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fabric Heaven

Had a lovely visit with a friend, Ann Ferguson, yesterday. Ann has a wonderful quilt shop called Quiltopia, located in Maleny. Just up from the famous Colin James icecream shop and the Sweets on Maple shop.

Her little shop is jam packed  with gorgeous bolts of fabric. She also has lots of precuts, kits and patterns.

Just lovely!
Sandi x
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cool chick!

I found this fluffy little chickie pecking around in the duck's pen yesterday afternoon. Looking for any grain the ducks may have left, it is welcome to it. The chick is a young brush turkey. They are quite independant from the time they hatch, fending for themselves.

A pretty moth (in our shed).
The rainy weather is back again, which is good in a way, - it will top up our remaining water tank. And it is nice to sit and stitch, and have a big cup of hot tea to sip on.......might even light up the wood heater to dry the house out a bit.  With all this wet weather, there is a lot of humid air about.
Sandi x
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Monday, March 8, 2010

My Quiltgroup

I thought I'd show you a few photos from my quiltgroup today. We meet at the Arts & Crafts building at our local showgrounds. Our group has over 50 members now.
*notice that no-one parks under the bunya nut trees at this time of the year - bunya nuts are a big native pine tree with huge pine cones (bigger than a football) and if it lands on your car, it will leave a huge dent.

Show and tell. A beautiful quilt! Look at all that work.

A butterfly quilt in pretty pastels. Made by Judy (on right).

This quilt made by Pam (on right) is to take camping.
Our group are organising our first quilt show in september this year. Exciting!
I didn't get any actual sewing done there today, as it was my turn, with a partner, to do the morning teas.
Sandi x
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Movie Treat

Still raining quite heavily today on the 'Sunshine Coast', so DH and I treated ourselves to a movie. We saw  'Alice in Wonderland' in 3D (hence the groovy glasses).The movie was fabulous and the 3D effects were magical. I loved when they were walking through the forest with all those huge mushrooms, and the Cheshire cat is gorgeous with his big eyes. The costumes too, are amazing. I would definately recommend this movie.
Hope you are all having a great weekend too,
Sandi x
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Great weather for ducks......

Even though it's been raining (a lot) for almost a week now, we still like to do our regular walks. I'm pictured here  (rainbow umbrella)  with Cilla (on right) and her border collie Billy (behind Dash). The dogs really look forward to going (even in the rain) and get quite excited if they spot a hare, brush turkey or a wallaby.

 According to the weather bureau, the weekly rainfall tally is 297mm but we have had more since that reading was taken. So it is kinda sqishy underfoot. When we started out it was quite foggy, and feeling quite 'wintery'.

I just love all of these lichens growing along this fence. They seemed to be only growing along the bottom rail.
The weekend's forecast is for more rain.......
Good weather too, for sewing  :)
Have a great weekend everyone!
Sandi x
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flowers are open....

The geranium (Pelargonium) flowers are open today (see previous post), I thought I'd show you how pretty they are. They do look a little rose-like. I love the raspberry colour of the stamens against the white of the petals. Do you have geraniums growing too?
Very rainy here again today. A good day for sewing :)
Sandi x
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Take one Geranium cutting....

Geraniums are one of the easiest plants to grow, and will readily take root when placed in some potting mix.
And today this pretty white one is flowering for the first time.

The pot (or should I say potty), I found in the shed.....goodness knows where it came from. It already had a (rust) hole underneath, so David (son) drilled some more holes for better drainage. Do you like my little frog ornament?

Add three bamboo stakes for support, and tie with garden twine.
Voila!, one rustic (or rusty?) pot plant!
Sandi x
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