Friday, September 11, 2009

Early Visitor

Er.....excuse me, have you got any sunflower seeds?

Mr King (parrot) (not a very original name, I know) usually visits at this time of year. He will fly around the house looking in the windows for me. This morning, just before 7am, he was waiting patiently (for his seeds) on a chair on the back verandah.
Do you feed birds too?
Sandi x
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CurlyPops said...

You have such a beautiful garden. My old house was close to the local river so we had lots of cockatoos and corellas, but my new house is right in suburbia so definitely no pretty birds around.

Sandrine said...

We have cute birds around but Billy and Cookie chase them away!!I am not loooking forward to the meg pie attacks thought!

Elizabeth from the Gold Coast said...

Hi Sandi,

King Parrots are just gorgeous, we are also lucky enough to have them drop in on us from time to time. I feed birds in my garden daily,eleven Kookaburras, a family of Magpies, two very cheeky Currawongs, three Butcher-birds, countless Lorikeets plus several other "drop ins" from time to time...Oh yes, there's the Bush Turkeys too, they are rather brazen, jump the fence and try to steal food from the other birds - the Kookies give them a hard time though and provide comical entertainment on a daily basis.

Lyn said...

We do, but none are quite so exptic as Mr King!

Julie said...

Love Mr King. We had King parrots at a holiday house we stayed at once, they were very quiet. We mainly have blue wrens, willy wagtails, kookaburras and magpies here. The kookaburras used to be able to be fed but since the kids have arrived I think there is too much noise for them. I used to have one that would sit on the end of the clothes line while I hung out the washing which was fun.

Guðrún said...

The colors of the bird are very rich. We feed the birds during winter, never in the summertime.

Lynne said...

Lovely photos and story. I love feeding the birds.

Jenny said...

I would definitely be feeding birds if we got parrots! That is so gorgeous. Actually, I don't like to lure birds in for my cats, so we don't feed them. I'd love to have a hummingbird feeder, but don't want to be responsible for the demise of any little flying lovelies.