Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Going Green

We recently purchased an Eco Bokashi bucket to recycle our kitchen scraps. It is a great system invented by those clever Japanese. After you put the scraps in, and squashing it down with the masher, you sprinkle a small amount of the bokashi additive (specially fermented grains) on top. The bucket holds twenty litres, so will take a few weeks to fill (and the fermentation process produces no odour according to the maker). There is a strainer inside, so the liquid goes through the holes and into the bottom of the bucket. This liquid is a great fertiliser for the garden. When the bucket is full, you simply dig it into the garden where it will break down very quickly into lovely compost. Now the scraps are recycled into the garden, much better for the environment. Just doing my bit,
Sandi xx
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Lynne said...

Hi Sandi,
It's nice to be back.
The Eco bucket looks a great idea.
It's been good catching up with you. I love your star quilt, very eye catching. What was the pattern used for the group raffle quilt? I can't work it out. I enjoy English paper piecing.
What a pretty butterfly tray cloth. And how nice for Spot and Dot to take up residence with you.
I've just heard on the news that some new species of dinasour have been discovered down your way!
Well I think I'll go and check out a couple of your links.
Bye for now,

Sandrine said...

Oh I like the eco bucket idea!will have to look into it...Was very nice to see you yesterday at the market and hopefully you had a nice day and safe trip back home:)

Guðrún said...

This is remarkable.

Ume said...

Hi Sandi. I know that bucket. Bokashi is Japanese word. There is a same one in my parents`s home. That Bokashi backet system makes use of some bacteria which can live without oxygen.So you need to cover it tightly after you put the scraps in. But the odor was strong in our experience.But it has good effect for plants.