Monday, March 30, 2009

Stack and Slash class

On saturday, I joined a class at Patchwork Angel to learn to make a 'stack & slash' star quilt. Penny was teaching the class her version of the star pattern. You need to use fat quarters of fabric (I used nine), stacked on top of each other, then trim into a square. Copy the pattern onto freezer paper (paper side). Iron the pattern to the fabric on top of the pile (shiny side down) . Then following the cutting sequence, cut through all the layers of fabric. There is five straight lines to cut to get the star shape. Penny showed us how by cutting the first one. It is a little tricky, as you have to move some pieces out of the way to cut some of the lines. Peel off the freezer paper.

Next comes the fun part. Swap around the star pieces to go with the backgrounds you want. This can take a while :) For another different look, you can swap the middle piece of the star around too.
Sewing the stars is a bit tricky, as there aren't any seam allowances, so you will get some interesting looking seams (some big fat ones). When the block is finished, you will need to trim off the edges to make it all square. A big square ruler is best for this job. I will post some of my finished blocks soon.

Penny showed us some books by Buggy Barn that have stack and slash patterns in them. Available from the Patchwork Angel :)
Happy Stitching,
Sandi xx
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Dzintra Ingrid said...

This is great Sandi...I have heard of it but never seen it!!! Looking forward to more. I notice your train carriage on the side bar...was wondering, have you moved in yet?

Lynne said...

A great block.
I made a stack and slash quilt top at a workshop too. But it's more of a crazy patchwork design. Then I used the same pattern to make a Christmas 'I Spy' quilt for my grandson. It didn't take long and was fun to do.
I love stars in a quilt. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt. Are you using your new workshop now and enjoying it?

Guðrún said...

This is interesting :)

Suzie said...

It sounds like you enjoyed the class! It is a nice method for these stars, they look so beautiful! I love the patterns from Buggy Barn!