Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dolphin Feeding

On tuesday/wednesday, I went with hubby to Tin Can Bay, as he had business to do there (we stayed overnight). It was only a two-hour drive there, with a lunch stop on the way. I suggested to hubby, that we could feed the dolphins while we were visiting there. On wednesday morning, we had breakfast at 'Barnacles', a little waterfront cafe/information centre right next to where the wild dolphins come in to be fed (every day at 8:00am). That morning, just one came in. 'Patch' is a rare Indo Pacific humpback dolphin.

Here's a photo of me feeding Patch. There were around sixty visitors there that morning, all given a little bucket with one small fish for Patch. She is to have only 3kg of fish maximum. We had to rinse our hands first in a disinfectant wash, so we don't pass on any germs to the dolphin.

Patch is a very patient and gentle creature. She took the little fish (head first) very gently out of my hand under the water. There is great concern for these dolphins now, as there is a proposed 'super marina' for the Tin Can Bay inlet. (I signed their petition).

'So long and thanks for all the fish!'.
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mbduke said...

What a great experience. I once got to experience being up close with dolphins and it was an unforgetable experience. You can really sense their intelligence.

Sandi said...

Yes they are very intelligent, Patch was watching everyone around her, and taking her time slowly swimming up to each person, before gently taking the little fish.

Lynne said...

Wow, what a great experience. How lucky you are. Good pictures too.

Suzie said...

I wish I could at least see them near, look into their eyes and hear when they "talk", that would be so wonderful. Thanks for the pictures!

Ume said...

Wow,I envy you. That`s great experience. Is Patch the dolphin`s name? So cute and looks gentle and intelligence.

Polka Dot Daze said...

Wow - I am so jealous! It's one thing going to seaworld to see them, but another altogether when you get to see them in their natural environment like that - how special!