Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 'Tropical 'garden

I have some more garden photos to show you. These are in my 'tropical garden'. Here is a flowering ginger. It has a lovely perfume, a little like frangipani.

This red dragonfly stopped briefly to have his photo taken.

A lovely mauve waterlily, it too has a beautiful perfume. I also spied two green sedge frogs sitting in a waterplant nearby. They were a bit far away to get a good photo, and also they move around the stem of the plant to hide from me.
How is your garden going?
Sandi xx
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Kerri said...

Your garden is gorgeous. I'd love to have a water feature and have some water-lilies in it. We cant have tropical gardens down in, Echuca Victoria. They wouldn't survive.

Guðrún said...

I am not going to show you anything of my garden now :) The waterlily is gorgeous.

Leslie said...

Lovely photos-your yard is beautiful. I never heard of a potato tree with flowers.

Also, your train car is fantastic and is coming along so nicely-what a fantastic idea and just so cool too!

Happy New Year. Here's to lots of creativity in 2009.

Carol in Sweden said...

What a GORGEOUS garden...that Potato tree is fabulous! everything is so lush! Glorious colors!

I found my auction buttons...will post a photo for you later to see this week! I hadn't looked at them in a long time!

Did your MiL find hers for you yet?

have a beautiful day down under! Enjoy the SUN for me! Please! I miss it now!