Monday, October 13, 2008

They're huge now!

Do you remember our little ducklings, bought at the end of August? Well they're huge now! The two darker ones are girls.
Duck line-up. Introducing Chockky, Cinnamon Bun, Kip, Winkie (only has one good eye) and Pepper.

They love swimming in their tub. Only enough room for three though!


Sandi xx

* Postnote. Am very sad to report that a carpet python has taken Cinnamon Bun. He was a lovely drake. I will miss him :(

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Ume Apricot said...

They grew so big soon! Each ones have good name and each color.

Lynne said...

Lovely photos.
As I'm new to your blog, have you kept ducks before? We're thinking about getting some chickens.
Your ducks look happy and healthy.