Thursday, October 2, 2008

Railway carriage arriving soon!

Very exciting news. Site work has started in preparation for the arrival of our railway carriage. (which is going to be my studio).
Here the boys are placing the heavy timber railway sleepers into position. Underneath is two poured concrete anchorage blocks - one under each end to secure the carriage. Not that it would ever blow over - the carriage itself weighs 13 tonnes - no lightweight.
Next they packed in lots of road base.

After the road base, and placing the sleepers on top, the boys filled between the sleepers with big chunky gravel.
The rail lines are still being organised. (you just can't buy them anywhere, they are very hard to source) we have found some at Mundubbera - about three and a half hours away. Just have to get them here now. And then bring the carriage over on a super-tilt truck. The carriage is about ten minutes away on the other side of town on a bush block. Can't wait till it arrives. There will be a bit of restoration work to do. We will also repaint the carriage its original red colour.
No doubt the lawn and hedges will need lots of TLC after all the work has finished.
Sandi xx

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CurlyPops said...

Wowee lucky you..that must be the most fabulously exciting thing ever!

Annie said...

That sounds very exciting. One of my friends has an old tram decked out like a flat. It is a great space. Love your orange clivia. I have one this year for the first time.

Ume Apricot said...

Wow,sounds exciting. Your home and garden are very nice! I envy you for being able to get such a nice studio. I too want my studio for designing garden in the future.