Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stitchers' Angel project

Here is a glimpse of my stitchers' angel project (Blue Wren's Nest mini tote bag), it is ready to sew on the machine. Sorry about the picture quality - my camera is not well. I hope my (secret) American swap partner likes it.

On sunday, we bought five ducklings, they are soooo cute. There are a few different breeds, Welsh Harlequin, Khaki Cambell, and Rouen. When they are bigger, they will be able to roam free in the garden, foraging for snails and bugs. Our dog, Dash is very interested in watching the little ducks. I will have to post some photos (with new camera?)
Happy Stitching,
Sandi xx
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Ume Apricot said...

Oh, Your bought duckling!? Sounds interesting! Do you have a pond in your garden? I'm looking forward to see them.

Today, I made my blog on blogger.
Have a look.
and, I found Japanese corner on your page. You are studing Japanese? great!

Loralynn said...

Your Wren's nest bag is going to be darling! What fun bright colors!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your little ducklings are so cute! Love your nest bag - it looks so bright and cheerful made in the brighter colours. Your partner is going to love it.