Monday, September 8, 2008

My Little Duckies

Here are some photos of our 5 new ducklings. They are eight days old. As you can see, Dash is obsessed with them, and already wants to round them up.
They love to swim in their water dish.
This morning, when I went to change their water, I saw a python lurking around near the door to the pen. So I had to move them somewhere safe. They are now temporarily in the bathroom in their big plastic crate. (with their food, water and heater)
*We moved them back outside the next morning. I saw the snake over in the yard next door (near their chook pen). I hope the snake has moved on now.
Am busy sewing for my Stitcher's Angel swap partner. Have finished the tote bag and now starting on the sewing bag.
Happy Stitching,
Sandi xx
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Danielle said...

They are gorgeous and how good is Dash, keeping watch over them!

Ume Apricot said...

How adrable! Dash is a good boy(girl?) I used to have dacklings for growing rice in organic farming. They were sooo cute when they were small. Why don't you design the pattern of them?

scrap, quilt and stitch... said...

They are very cute ! Borders are such good dogs to watch sheep, hen....