Saturday, September 20, 2008

Growers Market

I went to our local farmer's market this morning. Found some fantastic local produce - bananas, avocadoes, handmade hommus, a delicious date and orange slice (yummo), a big bunch of native and south African flowers, a punnet of lime basil seedlings, and a bale of meadow hay for the ducklings. A nice morning out. Do you enjoy your local markets too?
Sandi xx
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Sarah said...

Yes we have one starting up mid next month - problem - it is a good 30 min drive (fuel $$$$). So if Hubby feels like a ride on his motorbike I will send him out with a list! If they were smarter they would have it closer to the population of Tasmania!!!!

Annie said...

Love the Farmers Markets. My 2 sisters sell at their local - plants and vegis and flowers and seeds. They love it

Ume Apricot said...

I love avocados! How do you eat it? I eat it with Soy sauce and Wasabi like Sashimi.

Sandi said...

Avocadoes are grown around here, so we are very lucky to have them available for most of the year. We like to eat them in salads, or make them into guacamole and eat it with corn chips, or mashed on toast with a bit of promite (vegemite is too salty). Or avocadoes are really nice with seafood.