Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fluffy ducks

I couldn't resist showing you some more photos of our little ducks. They are now 16 days old, and are growing so fast. During the day they go to their portable enclosure in the yard where they can eat greens, and run around, chase bugs and bask in the sunshine. What more could you want? They lead a charmed life.
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drucillastitches said...

What cute little ducks! I found your blog while browsing some of my favorite quilt blogs. I'd love to add you to my favorites list if that's ok. It's awesome visiting someone in Australia!!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh have they grown!

I still want ducks - slight problem - dogs and local cats. HAve not convinced Michael to build an enclosure for them. He said you build it you have ducks - ummm it will fall apart!

Ume Apricot said...

They are growing very fast! By the way, They looks various colors every single one.
My boss has lots of ducks and cocks. sometimes he give us eggs of them. Have you eat a egg of ducks? It taste almost same as usual egg, but a little bigger.
Oh, Have you taste a egg of Pelican? I haven't.

Sandi said...

We have had ducks before now. Their eggs are quite rich in taste. I like to make cakes or even pavlovas with the eggs.