Friday, August 8, 2008

Around the Garden

I thought I'd show you a few garden photos. Here is my Tea rose, Duchess de Brabant. I loved this description of her - "The cupped pink flowers have a cabbagey roundness to them, as if picked from a luscious old rose painting". ( in 'Guide to Antique Roses' at )

One of the ferns in my 'tropical' garden. I can't remember it's name but it seems to be growing nicely in the dappled shade.

Dash was following me around the garden, probably wondering what I was doing. So I took her photo too. (It's a little blurry, sorry) We are training Dash to chase off the native brush turkeys. We get a gang of brush turkeys come through our garden in the mornings, raking out the mulch as they go, a bit annoying having to rake it back again. I think Dash enjoys chasing them, as she receives lots of praise and always gets a reward. (Don't worry, she never catches them, they can fly straight up a tree or over a fence!)
How is your garden growing?
Sandi xx
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Ume said...

Hi Sandi, Hi Dash!
Thank you for sharing your garden photos. The rose is blooming now?
I pruned my trees on porch last Sunday. Tiger lily is full bloom now.

ah, I'm watching the Olympic opening ceremony this evening.and Australia team came in just now.
I'll chear your country,too.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your sweet tea roses!

dancin_puffin said...

Hey Sandi,
I've been reading your blog and I love the rose! The markets you have look amazing... on the beach!! It is a far cry from life up here, where our summer is proving to be colder and more wet than your winter. Ho hum - gives me an excuse to cook some nice comfort foods.