Tuesday, July 22, 2008


There seems to be a lot of galahs around at the moment. These guys arrive (a flock of about 50 birds) every afternoon this past week, to feed on the seeds of our large tipuana tree. Sometimes they feed on the fallen seeds on the ground, other times they sit up in the tree and eat the seeds there. Last week I was wondering what is that noise on our roof?!!, I looked up into the tree and saw all the galahs feasting on the seeds and discarding the husks (onto our corrugated steel roof.)

The lovely Rosemary from Stitch In Time is featuring one of my stitchery patterns - 'Footy Roo' at her stall (C21) at the Craft & Quilt fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, so do call in and see her if you are going to the fair.
Still busy stitching out stitchery samples for my shop customers. I will find time soon to work on new designs (I hope).
Sandi xx

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