Sunday, June 1, 2008


Welcome to my new Blogsite,

Make a cuppa, grab a bikkie and come over to my place.

This caper all started when I began sewing my own designs. Friends asked me for a pattern. Then when shopping for the fabric for the project, the gals in the shops asked 'whose pattern it was?' then - WHEN can we have your patterns? It all seemed to snowball from then.

Then a wonderful opportunity happened. Meg from Laura May Patchwork & Craft (Maleny) asked me to be her guest at her stall at the QUOTA Quilt Show at Maleny. I said 'yes please'. Embroideroo was launched at the show. We sold lots of patterns. (Whoo - hoo!) Margaret from the 'Gympie Patchwork Factory' bought my patterns to take back to her shop (thank you!)

Meg was again most generous when she asked me to be her guest on her stall at the Mountain Quilters Show at Peachester. We had a ball. (And sold lots of patterns - again ) The Mountain

Quilters really looked after us with seemingly endless cups of [much appreciated] tea and coffee - we were truly spoiled. (not to mention the scrumptious selection of cakes and sandwiches) yummo! I had a great time chatting to all the lovely stallholders and customers. Jodie from Country Beginnings had the stall next to us. Every now and then, there was a waft of cinnamon and vanilla coming from Jodie's stall. Her shop must smell yummy!

I must leave you now with some photos from the Mountain Quilters' Show.

Happy Stitching,

Sandi B.


Ume said...

Hello Sandi. How are you? G'day mate. Is it already Winter in your place now? I just started learning Aussie English. a scorcher , mozzies, my olds, I rechon, and so on. Your new page is very nice. The designs of birds adn kangaroo are so cute. I'll buy one when I visit next year. Cheers. by Ume

Megan said...

HI Sandi! It's so nice to meet you!

thanks for stopping by my blog! you are one talented gal yourself!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Just stumbled upon your blog. It's really awesome! I just started my own & have to say, your's is very inspiring. Thanks & keep up the amazing work!